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Corporate Announcement

March 23, 2015

With tremendous disappointment we announce that Intellectual Property Exchange International, Inc. will cease operations effective today. IPXI’s Board of Directors concluded that, while the goals and business model brought great hope to many in the industry, IPXI was not able to secure the cooperation of enough willing licensees to fully realize its concept.

We are incredibly proud of our smart, talented and dedicated staff who worked so hard over the past several years to bring IPXI’s first offerings to market. We also appreciate the support of our more than 70 corporate, university, laboratory and associate members who believed in our mission and helped us in trying to achieve substantially greater transparency and efficiency in the opaque world of intellectual property licensing. It appears that the time was just not right, and the obstacles – including potential licensees who challenged us to litigate instead of work with them – simply too insurmountable. IPXI’s business model offered fairness and transparency and relied upon patented technology users to be good corporate citizens. In the end, potential licensees made it clear that the only way IPXI would really get their attention was through litigation, and that’s exactly what our business model tried to overcome.

IPXI captured global attention in its effort, and we hope that others will work in the future to bring fairness, transparency and efficiency to this complex and litigation-driven market. We remain grateful to all of those professionals who played a role in our initiative, and to our Board and investors, thank you for your wise counsel and belief in us.