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Robert M. Keller is a pro-bono consultant with Executive Services Corps of New England and directs the Computer Learning Center at Fox Hill Village in Westwood MA and has served as an Instructor of Computer Applications at Montgomery College.  In 1988, he developed an unique system of indexing country dance figures  and has  compiled several major indexes of English and American country dances including the Dance Figures Index, American Country Dances 1730–1810, and The Dancing Master CD-ROM and website. He participated in the development of The National Tune Index and managed the programming for The Performing Arts in Colonial American Newspapers. He is principal author of the Early American Music and its European Sources. Keller earned a B.S. from the U.S. Naval Academy.

RMKCalRobert M. Keller

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

10 Longwood Drive, Westwood, MA 02090

(781) 329-5101


Professional Accomplishments

Chief, Operator Licensing, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Region I, 1983-1988

Developed and Directed Restart Training & Testing Program, Savannah River Nuclear Reactor, 1988-1993

Developed computerized NRC Examination Question Bank for nationwide use, 1982

Developed and operated CE PWR nuclear reactor control room simulator, 1971-1975

Developed and directed Training facility and curriculum for retirement community, 2005

Consultant, Executive Service Corps of New England, 2005-

Instructor, Montgomery College, "Web Page Development", 1999

Instructor, Montgomery College, "Introduction to the Internet", 1999

Developed and presented training program, "Introduction to the Internet", at Sheltered Workshop, Montgomery County, MD, 1998

Developed and presented training program, "Introduction to WordPerfect", at Sheltered Workshop, Montgomery County, MD, 1998

Conducted workshop for students and parents, "Introduction to Computers", at Middle School, Montgomery County, MD, 1997

Developed WWW home pages for non-profit society, performers and publishers, 1997

Developed and produced CD-ROM database for publication and distribution, 1997

Published databases on Country Dance Figures and Index, 1989, 1995


Early American Songsters, 1734—1820, An Index, online: 2010

The Dancing Master, 1651-1728: An Illustrated Compendium, 2000 and online.

Early American Secular Music and European Sources, 1589—1839, online: 2002, 2008

Home page: “The Colonial Music Institute,” 1998

Home Page, “The Colonial Dancing Master,” 1997

Home Page, “Performing Arts in Colonial American Newspapers, 1690-1783,” 1997

Home Page, “Hildebrand's Studio,” 1997

The Performing Arts in Colonial American Newspapers, 1690-1783 (New York: University Music Editions, 1997.) (Co-Author). A CD-ROM publication.

Dance Figures Index, English Country Dances, 1708-1830, online: 1995

Home Page, “Society for American Music,” 1994

Dance Figures Index, American Country Dances, 1730-1810 (Sandy Hook: Hendrickson Group, 1989)


B.S., U.S. Naval Academy, 1956

U.S. Navy Advanced Nuclear Power Training Program, 1959-1960

Graduate Study, Engineering Science, Hartford Graduate Center, 1966-1969

Qualified EOOW, U.S. Navy PWR, A1W/A2W, 1960-61

Licensed Senior Reactor Operator (SRO), (BWR), 1964; (PWR), 1970

Certified NRC Operator Licensing Examiner, PWR-W, BWR, PWR-CE, Non-Power Reactors, 1981-88.

Computer Languages

Java; Basic; 6502 Assembly Language; SNOBOL/SPITBOL; TSO/WYLBUR/CMS; Fortran;

JavaScript; CGI-Perl; HTML; MS Access; ColdFusion


WordPerfect; Lotus 1-2-3; Procomm; Windows 3/95/98; OmniSearch Authoring/Retrieval; dBASE

Computer Systems:

GP-4B (Simulation); IBM/VM/CMS; IBM PC/XT/AT; Apple II/Mac

Hardware Systems:

IBM PC/XT/AT/386 & Peripherals; Apple II/IIe & Peripherals; GP-4B Simulation Computer & Controls

Other Accomplishments and Activities

Town Councilman, Coventry, CT, 1971-1977

Chairman, Finance Committee, 1971-1973

Chairman, Steering Committee, 1975-1977

Developed and implemented a town-wide computerized street numbering system, 1974

Developed and established a self-sufficient cemetery program, 1976

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