Monday, August 03, 2020
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Our On-line DATABASES are now hosted at the Country Dance and Song website

 They include the following, and you can click the individual databases below to get directly to each:

Early American Songsters, 1734-1820: An Index

Dance Figures Index: English Country Dances, 1651-1827

Dance Figures Index: American Country Dances, 1730-1810

The Dancing Master, 1651-1728: An Illustrated Compendium

Early American Secular Music and Its European Sources, 1589-1839: An Index

       The Performing Arts in Early American Newspapers, 1690-1783

 Also, here follows a set of appropriate ESSAYS:

About Early American Music

       Ancient Fifes and Drums      

       Dances of Colonial America

       George Bush, fiddler

       George Washington and the Dance

       Levi Lovering's Drum Manuscript

       On the set of “The Last of the Mohicans”

      Social Change as Reflected in The Dancing Master


       What About Clothing and Patterns?

       How to Dance a Minuet

       How to Dance a Cotillion

       How to Dance a Reel

       How to Dance a Country Dance

       Study Guide for "MUSIC OF COLONIAL MARYLAND" Program

and FAQs

      What about "The World Turn'd Upside Down" - was it Played at Yorktown?

      Were there Bands in Early America?

      What Did an Indian Dance Look Like?

      What are the Real Words to "Yankee Doodle?"

      Was the “Star-Spangled Banner” really an old drinking song?

      Was there Music in Jamestown in 1607?

      Have an Old Music book or Manuscript? We can help you learn about it.