Unit License Right (ULR) Contracts

IPXI has spearheaded the development of an efficient IP marketplace with the introduction of Unit License Right™ (ULR™) contracts. ULR contracts transform private licensing of technology into consumable and tradable products.


What is a ULR contract?

A ULR contract is a non-exclusive license right, offered on a nondiscriminatory basis at a market-based price and with standardized terms, which is traded on IPXI. A ULR contract is priced and sold on a standardized technology-unit basis, where each unit-base is uniquely determined by IPXI, in collaboration with the sponsor, according to the underlying technology. This allows the adoption and reported use of the technology to be easily monitored.

Each purchaser of a ULR contract is granted the right to use the underlying technology for a pre-established number of instances (the technology unit); for example, the right to manufacture and/or sell a certain number of defined product units incorporating the patented technology. As soon as one instance of use occurs and is reported to IPXI, the ULR contract is consumed and retired from the purchaser's registry account. If a ULR contract is not consumed, a purchaser can alternatively trade the ULR contract on the electronic trading platform maintained by IPXI.


ULR Contract Offerings

Organic Light Emiting Diode Display ULR Contract (OLED)

The OLED Unit License Right contract offers market participants an opportunity to acquire low cost licenses to a portfolio of 600+ patents relating to organic light-emitting diode ("OLED") technologies for display panel application.

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Stored Value Card ULR Contract (SVC)

The SVC Unit License Right contract offerings provide market participants an opportunity to acquire low cost, non-exclusive licenses to a portfolio of 17 U.S. and 4 U.K. patents relating to prepaid stored value card ("SVC") technologies.

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