Inside IPXI

The Exchange

Intellectual Property Exchange International, Inc. (IPXI) is the world's first financial exchange that facilitates non-exclusive licensing and trading of intellectual property (IP) rights with market-based pricing and standardized terms. The result is an exchange that operates under two core principles: transparency and efficiency. The initial product traded on IPXI is a Unit License Right (ULR) contract. For more information, visit the ULR Contracts page. The process starts with analysis designed to give the marketplace confidence in the quality of all patents listed as ULR contracts. Then, tapping a wealth of capital markets experience, IPXI undertakes the licensing process in a manner similar to a public equity offering for a corporation by utilizing a detailed Offering Memorandum and a Roadshow, including potential purchaser one-on-one meetings. Once an Initial Offering has been priced, IPXI maintains a Secondary Market which provides ULR purchasers and sellers an opportunity to realize liquidity through resale and trading.


IPXI makes the IP licensing process more transparent through:

  • Analysis – IPXI performs internal and external analyses of the quality of every ULR candidate submission. This process is designed to create a comfort level for potential purchasers regarding the quality of the offerings.
  • Price Discovery and Standardized Terms – Market-based pricing and the terms of all ULR Offerings are published and available to all potential purchasers.
  • Consumption Reporting – ULR Purchasers must submit periodic consumption reports to the Exchange, which relays aggregate consumption information to Exchange members and the public. This information and the ULR contract price are key indicators of the acceptance of the technology in the market, allowing corporate decision-makers in R&D and intellectual property asset management to make better decisions regarding resource allocation.

IPXI makes the IP licensing process more efficient through:

  • A Central Marketplace – IPXI is a central marketplace for transacting IP licenses, providing a platform for licensors and licensees to transfer technology on standardized terms.
  • Easy Access to Technology – IPXI provides easy access to technology for small and large companies. ULR contracts can be acquired on an as-needed basis with minimal legal cost.
  • Outsourcing of Licensing Transaction Costs – IPXI identifies, evaluates, markets and audits high-quality IP licensing transactions through its ULR model.