Monday, August 03, 2020
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David and Ginger Hildebrand at Decatur House webMUSIC OF THE WAR OF 1812
[photo credit: White House Historical Association, Matthew Paul D'Agostino]
Early American music specialists since 1980, David & Ginger Hildebrand have enjoyed a busy schedule of concerts, workshops and lectures, climaxing in the 200th anniversary of "The "Star-Spangled Banner" in September, 2014.  That was the bicentennial year of the lyrics (not a poem!) written by Francis Scott Key, formally declared our national anthem in 1931.

Watch David interviewd on the PBS show "History Detectives" click here

David's lecture on music of the War of 1812 at the American Antiquarian Society click here 

Since late 2009 David has intensely focused on researching, arranging, recording, and writing about the music that arose from our "Second War for Independence" against Great Britain.  The results: an extensive music book (authored by Kate Van Winkle Keller), sheet music, the documntary film "Anthem (produced by brother Mark Hildebrand)," a national public radio program, and an audio CD.
1812 cd cover insert 
                 AUDIO CD:
     Music of the War in 1812
 A two-CD set of newly recorded period music, plus a one-hour public radio program, written and narrated by  David Hildebrand (1812-CD: $15.00) [click here to go to our store to purchase]
MWA book cover
               MUSIC BOOK:
 Music of the War of 1812 in Americaby Kate Van Winkle Keller (1812-bk: $30.00)  These songs reflect the history of the war and played a large role in bolstering or changing public opinion and political support. Included are the artful new lyrics in praise of the American flag still flying over Fort McHenry early one September morning in 1814, the song that became our national anthem. On another front, the music master at Fort Niagara composed dance tunes and marches for his band to play during special ceremonies or evening rest periods. All told this collection presents the issues, battles, and heroes of 1812 in a very insightful form of history, that is, MUSIC history! [click here to go to our store to purchase]
The War of 1812 spawned a huge variety of songs in America.  From the early stirrings of party politics under President Adams, the traumatic effect of Jefferson's Embargo in 1807, the triumph at Fort McHenry to the last battle in New Orleans, Americans took pen to paper.  Often using familiar melodies,these new songs were composed to tear at political opponents, to dramatize the great sea battles between huge frigates in full sail and to laud battle heroes like Decatur, Hull and Perry. In addition, songs of ridicule, sentimental ballads of love and separation and songs encouraging enlistments were sung at home, on the streets and in theaters.