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Music of the War of 1812 in America, book MWA-bk

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All of the songs and music in this book are transcribed from

sources printed or handwritten during the period of the War of 1812,
from the earliest cries of “America, Commerce and Freedom” to the
long song about the “Beginnings, Events, End and Consequences of
the late war with Great Britain.”

These songs reflect the history of the war and played a large role
in bolstering or changing public opinion and political support.
Included are the artful new lyrics in praise of the American flag still
flying over Fort McHenry early one September morning in 1814, the
song that became our national anthem. On another front, the music
master at Fort Niagara composed dance tunes and marches for his
band to play during special ceremonies or evening rest periods. All
twelve are included.

Collected here are the 34 pieces of sheet music.  Within each piece is:

—the entire text of the main song set to music;
—an essay on its place in history; its meaning to singers and audiences;
—teaching and study suggestions;
—background information about the author of the text and the tune;
—lyrics for other songs that help to understand the main song.

There are 33 songs fully set to music, 22 instrumental tunes, 16 additional
complete song lyrics that are related to the main song and 18 shorter entries
of parts of relevant songs.

Preference was given to editions of the music that had a period accompaniment
so that songs could be easily played on a keyboard. We have supplied chords
for most of the pieces to enable accompaniment with guitar or autoharp.

ISBN-10: 098187598X
ISBN-13: 978-0981875989

Foreword by David K. Hildebrand
Methodology and Acknowledgments
Pre-War and Party Agitation
    America, Commerce & Freedom
    Truxton’s Victory
    The Way to Avoid War
    The Embargo
    Two Songs on the Embargo
        The Embargo
        The Death of the Embargo
    The American Star
    James Madison my Joe
    The Budget of Blunders
More Yankee Doodles
    Rodgers & Victory
    For the Fourth of July
    The Battle of Baltimore
Star-Spangled Banner & Related Songs
    The Anacreontic Song
    Adams and Liberty
    When the Warrior Returns
    The Star-Spangled Banner
    The Star-Spangled Banner (Hewitt)
More Battles & Heroes
    The Battle of Plattsburgh
    Decatur and the Navy
    Yankee Thunders
    The American Constitution Frigate’s Engagement
    Constitution and Guerriere
    Shannon and Chesapeake
    The Ship, Boys
    The Warrior’s Return
    Perry’s Victory
    Perry’s Tid Re I

Dances, Marches & A Love Song
    Set I
        Trip to Canada Contre Dance
        Jackson’s Welcome Home
        Sacket’s Harbor
        Tippecanoe Hornpipe
        Durang’s Hornpipe
    Set II
        Madison’s March
        Mrs. Madison’s Minuet
    Set III
        Hull’s Victory
        Decatur’s March
        The G[eorge] Town Silver Gray’s Quick Step
    Set IV
    Compositions by John Carroll at Fort Niagara
        Fort Niagara Quick Step
        MajrPorter’s Fancy
        Niagara French Four
        Mountain French Four
        Carroll’s 2 of April
        Carroll’s Thoughts on Eternity
        Carroll’s Maggot
        Carroll’s Whim
        Carroll’s Frolick
        Carroll’s Fire Side
        Carroll’s Fancy
        Mountain Trott by Carroll
    A Love Song
        While Gazing on the Moon’s Light
    Post War
        The Hunters of Kentucky
        A New Song on the Causes


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