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George Washington: Music for the First President (CD and music book set) GW-set

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This recording includes songs and instrumental tunes familiar to our first President. Thoroughly researched and performed on reproduction instruments popular in late 18th-century America, these pieces demonstrate the breadth and character of music during George Washington's lifetime. Selected chiefly from 18th-century American sources, they include pieces composed in Washington's honor, songs heard at Mount Vernon during his lifetime, tunes to which he danced, and airs and instrumental works he enjoyed at the theater and in concert. Some of the featured composers are Francis Hopkinson, Henry Carey, Pierre L. Duport, and a New York fiddler named Mr. Hoffmaster.  Instruments include: harpsichord, violin, baroque and English guitars, hammered dulcimer, recorder and voices. Liner notes offer both a biographical essay and detailed program notes.

A Companion Music Book accompanies the recording above. The pieces appear in the same order they are heard on the recording, and chords have been added to make the music more accessible to musicians of today. An introductory essay, period illustrations, and historical notes are included. The book will lie flat on a music stand.

        White Cockade
        A Toast by Francis Hopkinson
        There was a Jolly Miller
        Sweet Richard
        General Washington
        Of all the Simple Things
        Durang's Hornpipe
        The Death of General Wolfe
        He Comes, the Hero Comes!
        The President's March
        The Drum
        Fancy Minuet danced before General Washington, 1792
        Mount Vernon
        Lady Washington
        Good Morrow to your Night Cap
        Funeral Dirge
        Stony Point
        March to Boston
        A Minuet by the Reverend Mr. Baconplay button
        Orpheus and Euridice
        Lord Howe's Jig
        Jefferson and Liberty
        Funeral Dirge on the Death of General Washington



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