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Contra Dances from New Hampshire, 1783. CDNH-bk

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Contra Dances from New Hampshire, 1783.
The Clement Weeks Collection
by Kate Van Winkle Keller & George A. Fogg
Annapolis, Maryland. The Colonial Music Institute, 2012
86 pages   Weeks-bk: $15.00      

The Clement Weeks Collection

This important manuscript has been available to researchers for over fifty years, but until now, it has not been studied in depth by dance historians. Keller and Fogg have long experience in reconstructing early American dances for today’s dancers—this being their fifth collection. Clement Weeks’s notebook from New Hampshire brings over fifty new dances into the repertory for those who wish to reconstruct social life of earlier times and for modern dancers who would like to sample authentic choreographies.

D. Smith’s Collection
Six Hand Reel, Welcome Here Again, Wild Irishman, Success to the Fleet, Hessian Camp, Suca Bids Me I and II, The Lily I, College Hornpipe, Jack’s Alive, Flowers of Edenburgh, Lady’s Breast Knot, Nancy Dawson, Rural Felicity, Jolly Drummer, St. Patrick’s Day in the Morn, Trip to Hallifax, Balance a Straw, Barrel of Sugar, The Baulk, Black Joke, Cuckow’s Nest, Black Dance, Jenny Dangs, Over the Hills &c, The Dusty Miller, Hunt the Squirrel, Lady Hope’s Reel, Merry Dancer, The Royal Charlotte, The Happy Cobler, Allez Man de Suisse, Renards Reel, Jack’s Alive, a Phyladelphia Reel, Soldier’s Joy, Lily II

Clement Weeks’s Dances
College Hornpipe, Christmas is Coming, Dutch Skipper, Queens Hall, Eastern Hall, Don Pedra, Bonny Lad, Boston’s Delight, Suckey Bids Me, The Draught, Green Sleeves, The Morning Star, The Wild Irishman II and III, The Lily III, Welcome Here Again II.
Formations and Glossary of Figures and Terms,

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