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Choice Collection of Country Dances CCCD-bk

$20.00 each

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A Choice Collection of Country Dances
As Printed and Sold by John and William Neal
in Christ Church Yard, Dublin, c. 1726
by Rich Jackson and George A. Fogg
Boston: Country Dance Society, Boston Centre, 1990
96 pages    CCCD-bk: $20.00 

59 dances originally published in Dublin in 1726, interpreted in the style first developed by Cecil Sharp in the early part of the twentieth century. The tune and a transcription of original instructions accompany each dance and illustrations of several pages of the original are included.  Basic knowledge of English country dance figures is assumed; for those needing glossary and performance details, use in conjunction with The Playford Ball. As a document, A Choice Collection has much in common with the James Alexander manuscript.

a sample page: 


Aberdeen, or The De'il's Dead
Hoop't Petticoat
The Ragg
Bartholomew Fair
The Humors of Dublin
Recruiting Officer
Bonny Lad and Bonny Lass
The Italian Disappointment
Red House
The Britain
Jack's Health
Richmond Ball
Bury Fair
Jockey Has
Gotten a Wife
Captain McCann
Jubliee Jigg
Cheshire Round
Knives and Forks
The Clout
The Knott
Saint Katherine's
The Collier's Daughter
The Lass of Petty's Miss
She That Washes a Monday
The Country Farmer
Lastrum Pone
Spanish Jigg
Doctor Faustus's Jig
The Major<ace:pre"> Squirrel
The Dusty Miller
This Great World's a Trouble
Excuse me
Thomas I Cannot
The FancyMoggy Lauther
The Twitcher
The Free Masons
Old Wife Behind the Fire
Whitsun Holiday
Galloping Nagg
Ore Boggy
The Working Masons in Merlin
Green Sleeves
Yellow Stockings
The Haymakers
Port Royal
Young Roger
Hendall's Hornpipe
A Young Virgin of 15 Years
Highland Lilt
Prince, or Royal George

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